Valentine’s Day Kids Yoga Game: Love it or Leave it

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Oh My Heart! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to explore our hearts. Check out this LOVE it or Leave it Yoga Game for kids.


How to play:

The teacher will call out random items and the kids decide if they LOVE IT or they want to LEAVE IT. The students will stand on their toes and reach arms wide ready to give a BIG hug if they LOVE IT or curl down and hide out in Child’s pose ( or any pose) if they prefer to LEAVE IT.

For example: smelly socks—candy—fruit—cake—chocolate—dogs—cats—homework—skunks–frogs—soccer—birthdays—bicycles—hotdogs—ice cream—football—etc.

Close the game by relaxing in child’s pose for several breaths.

More ideas can be found at


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