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Yoga Poses for the Bride-to-Be

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Feeling stressed with your upcoming nuptials? Try these 9 Yoga poses to help reduce anxiety, improve balance, lower blood pressure, and find inner peace.

Pose 1: Butterfly

Start seated with soles of the feet together. Hands are gently placed on the ankles. Breath and visualize the hip flexors relaxing. Take 10 deep breaths and don't forget to smile!

Pose 2: Hamstring Stretch

Slowly bring your knee to the floor and extend the other leg so that it is straight or slightly bent. Release head and neck so that your gaze is on your knee. Take 10 deep breaths.

Pose 3: Warrior I

Step toward the front of the mat with your other foot parallel to the back of the mat. Keep shoulders relaxed and in line with your ears as you reach both arms to the ceiling. Imagine you have headlights on your hip bones and they are facing forward towards the front of the mat. Bend the front knee but do not allow it to go past your toes. Breath for 10 breaths.

Pose 4: Foam Rolling for the Upper Back

Lie on back with knees bent. Place foam roller across the shoulders blades. Hands on the back of head with elbows open wide. Keep your core engaged and spine straight. Roll up and down the upper back. Repeat 10 or more times.

Pose 5: High Lunge

Step forward with your leg towards the front of the mat. Knee should not go past the toes. Ground through your feet and pull your abs in as you soften your gaze and look towards the top of your mat. Take 10 deep breaths.

Pose 6: Forward Fold

Hinge at the hips folding forward. Grab onto the ankles, elbows, or the behind the legs. Release the crown of the head towards the floor and relax the head and neck. Take 10 deep breaths.

Pose 7: Triangle

From Warrior II, reach forward as far as you can with your arm and lengthen through the bottom of your ribcage. Release the palm of your hand to your shin, ankle, or floor. Open chest and raise other arm to the ceiling. Take 10 deep breaths.

Pose 8: Foam Rolling for the Neck

Lie on your back with your knees bent. Gently place foam roller on the back of the neck. Slowly look to the right and then to the left. Repeat 10 or more times.

Pose 9: Stacking the Logs

Bend knees and stack shins on top of each other. Flex your feet and press through your heels. Toes will face forward. Lengthen through your spine. Those who are more flexible can walk their hands forward on the floor, folding your body over your crossed legs. Take 10 deep breaths.


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