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Chair Yoga Starts Today, April 27th at Rainbow Omega!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Hi! I’m Heather.

I am looking forward to sharing Chair Yoga with the residents of Rainbow Omega. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am a 500hr certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer in Chelsea, Alabama. I value each and every individual and I look forward to helping them achieve their health and wellness goals.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my emails. I wanted to learn more about your loved one at Rainbow Omega so I can make the class more enjoyable for them.

Fun Fact: My family and I went to India in November for the completion of my 500hr Yoga teacher training. We got to visit the Taj Mahal and it was amazing!

What Happens During a Chair Yoga Class?

In a Chair Yoga class, each pose will be visually demonstrated and verbally described and modified to meet the needs and abilities of each individual . Adaptive yoga uses props: chairs, walls, blankets, yoga blocks, yoga straps, and mats. Props are there to provide stability and do not necessarily make the pose easier but assist in allowing the individual to be in a pose for longer periods of time and breathe with more comfort and security.

Why Does It Work?

Yoga is a slow and meditative process and it helps those an individual to slow down and deepen their attention and focus. Yoga increases mobility, strength, coordination, flexibility, and digestion and increases individual awareness of breathing, muscle control, and greater stamina.

Heather Gruber is the owner of YogaFlow and Fitness. She is a certified ACSM Personal Trainer and 500hr certified Yoga teacher in the Chelsea, Alabama area. If you are interested in learning more about me and a personalized in home workout, you can reach me at You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest at Yogaflowandfitness.

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Hannah and Sarah really enjoyed the class and look forward to their next one. Thank you, Heather!

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I am so glad they enjoyed the class! I look forward to seeing them in class this week.


Apr 27, 2023

Heather, this is so exciting! Rainbow Omega is so lucky to have you!

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Thanks Nancy! The residents did great today!

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