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Yoga Books for Boys: Dinosaurs, Rocket Ships, Ninjas, and Dragons

Below are some of my favorite yogabooks that I have used when teaching yoga to my now 8 year old son. By no means is this list complete, as there are dozens of different books for boys and girls. But the goal is getting the kids to have fun with various easy-to-follow yoga poses. Teaching kids yoga sets them up for better habits of flexibility, fitness, and self-confidence.

This book introduces children to the joys and benefits of yoga―through dinosaurs! Triceratops, Pterodactyl, T-Rex, and others learn to bend, stretch, and breathe through a yoga flow. Instead of being sad, mad, or frustrated when things aren’t going their way, the dinosaurs practice yoga to feel better. The book features a parents’ guide to the depicted postures and a glossary of dinosaurs at the back. With this book, kids can stomp, stretch, and snort their way to skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

Dinosaur Yoga Mat by Kidnasium Kidnasium yoga mats for kids are meant to keep their minds healthy and engaged, by providing them with the comfort they need.

Take a trip to the solar system and get ready to blast off and learn popular kids yoga poses as your child soars through the galaxy. They'll relax under the stars and do some calming breathing after this imaginative outer space journey.

These yoga mats for kids are ideal for children ages 5-8 and are designed to be fun and provide a healthy outlet that teaches a healthy body image, concentration, balance and calm even in the face of too much silliness.

What if your dragon is feeling stressed and tired? What do you do? You teach him to do Yoga! This book to introduces the power of Yoga to strengthen bodies and calm the minds.

A little something fun for the boys to put at the end of their yoga mat.

Calm Ninja experiences frustration and anxiety, but then learns how to find inner peace through breathing and practicing the Ninja Yoga Flow. Kids will learn with Calm Ninja how to calm worries and stay peaceful under extreme circumstances.

Heather Gruber is the owner of YogaFlow and Fitness. She is a certified ACSM Personal Trainer and 500hr certified Yoga teacher in the Birmingham, Alabama area. You can find out more about me at

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